Ten best jokes from our #GIMMEJOKES Twitter thread

So, Gimme Noise and all associated City Pages websites all decided to collectively go on the fritz for a few hours on Tuesday afternoon. And for those folks who weren't out performing some sort of civic duty, this could've been a crushing blow to work-time procrastination as we know it. We scrambled and sent out this tweet: "We are experiencing some technical difficulties on the blog. Anyone know any jokes?" This was a bit of a joke in itself, as this is usually what's said at a party when conversation hits a stand-still.

Impressively, though, the Gimme Noise readers began tweeting out their twisted humor to our delight almost right away. Here are ten of our favorite moments from #GIMMEJOKES 2012. 
10. Here's what happens when Gimme Noise starts looking through his iTunes fully intending to make corny Bob Dylan jokes.
9. Thanks to the Current's Andrea Swensson for helping get the ball rolling in the early going. I knew this one: 8. Here's the jovial marathon media artist Mark Mallman ribbing our photographer Erik Hess.

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6. Then, things pretty much went into dissing drummers for the afternoon, including a particularly ribald one from the Dream Crusher crew. See Also: Dream Crusher get interviewed in a limo

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