Lazerbeak, the Chalice, Motion City Soundtrack and lots more MN musicians give thanks

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Elliott Kozel of Sleeping in the Aviary

What I'm thankful for:
Charlie Wilson

What song I'm thankful for:
"Untitled (How Does It Feel)" by D'Angelo.


The Sunny Era

What we're thankful for:
All of the compassionate people and all of the beautiful animals in our lives. Having the privilege to create music and share if with our friends, family, and fans. The plethora of Taco Bell locations found throughout the USA, an unlikely but lifesaving meal option for a group of touring vegan musicians who often find themselves on the road and hungry.

What song we're thankful for: "The World Spins" by Julee Cruise.


Mike Dreams

What I'm thankful for: I'm thankful for the beautiful people around me and in my life right now. Age 23 was quite a crazy year, and I'm hoping this new year of life is much more stable and successful for me. I'm thankful for still being alive, second chances, and the faith and optimism I still have.

What song I'm thankful for: "A Change Gon' Come" by Sam Cooke. That still continues to be my favorite song of all-time, and helped me a lot recently during this seasonal transition. The message stands all time.


Jim of Farewell Continental

What I'm thankful for: Skylar the cat.

What song I'm thankful for: "3 Sisters" by Puerto Rico Flowers.


The Word Party

What we're thankful for: We're thankful for gasoline, camaraderie, James Brown, and being lucky enough to play music together.

What song we're thankful for: "Atlantic City" by the Boss.

Danny O'Brien of The Farewell Circuit

What I'm thankful for:
Family, health, friends, and hope.

What songs I'm thankful for:
"As I Lay My Head Down" by Other Lives and "Hollow Heel" by Actual Wolf.


Seth Davin of American Scarecrows

What I'm thankful for: I'm thankful for being in a band with two of my favorite musicians of all time. Matt and Allen are a dream rhythm section to play with. Their unrelenting hunger to create, destroy, and improve is contagious. I would not be the same musician without their guidance. Most importantly they are great, and trustworthy friends. I love them dearly, and am fortunate to have them in my life.

What song I'm thankful for: "Political Science" by Randy Newman. A sharp, clever, sarcastic song about America. Mr. Newman is one of my favorite songwriters, who has mastered the art of the "simple tune." My middle school jazz band teacher Mr. Miller always said, "Less is more," which is wonderful advice for any musician in my opinion. I have tried to adopt that with the Scarecrows. Randy Newman has been an influence for me in that right. "Political Science" is also the only song I can play on the piano.


Alison Scott

What I'm thankful for: My family (especially my soon-to-be baby girl), my career, and pie.  I am pregnant after all.

What song I'm thankful for: "Don't Play That Song" by Aretha Franklin.


Dan Choma of Emot

What I'm thankful for: My loves ones, my bikes, and my tambourines.

What songs I'm thankful for: "U-Love," "Hi," and "Bye" by J. Dilla.



What I'm thankful for: Aside from the more obvious stuff like health and food and shelter, I'm thankful to live in a community full of people who push back against the traditional Thanksgiving narrative. While a day to give thanks is a beautiful thought, it's hard not to look at the way we're taught about Thanksgiving-- Pilgrims and Indians and peaceful co-existence and all that-- and not see a whitewashed, thoroughly idealized version of this country's real, much more brutal, history. The Twin Cities have a proud history of Native and non-Native activists working to bring the true narrative to light, and I'm thankful for that.

What song I'm thankful for: With all that stuff in mind, I want to point out a specific verse. A few years ago, Doomtree's Sims released an album called "Lights Out Paris." On the song "Frontline," there's a guest verse from Crescent Moon (of Kill the Vultures), where he just completely blacks out and addresses a bunch of the stuff I was just talking about. I think it's one of the finest single verses in Twin Cities hip hop history.


Lisa Hirst Carnes

What I'm thankful for: I'm thankful for my well-balanced, full life. My health, my family, music, art, my friends, my work. Getting to know my brother better.

What songs I'm thankful for: "Default" by Atoms for Peace, "After You" by Chastity Brown, "Bad Reputation" by Haley Bonar, "Drama Queen" by A. Wolf & Her Claws, and "Sleeping Ute" by Grizzly Bear.


Jeff Crandall of Swallows

What I'm thankful for: Minnesota, Colorado and Washington voters!

What song I'm thankful for: "Reconsider Baby" by Lowell Fulson.


Michael Ferrier of Fathom Lane

What I'm thankful for: It was an amazing year, getting back into the business of creating again with both new and old friends. I'm thankful for the gift of music, and also thankful for the revival of vinyl. It seems there are some listeners who value the experience of music so much that they might actually sit down and get lost for a while, rather than relegating it to a background noise lifestyle extension.

What song I'm thankful for: I hate having to pick one, but today it's "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys. I'm thankful they weren't afraid to do something so gorgeous instead of cool and hip.


The Parlour Suite

What we're thankful for: At this moment we are eating at Vanessa's Dumpling House in NYC... thankful for dim sum! 

What song we're thankful for: "Free" by Prince.


Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack

What I'm thankful for: I am thankful for having the most kick ass special lady friend/girlfriend/superhero/partner in crime who puts up with my shenanigans and tomfoolery, and somehow finds my idiosyncratic quirks (and there are many) charming.

What song I'm thankful for: I am currently most thankful for Tom Waits' "Last Leaf" from Bad As Me.


Craig Minowa of Cloud Cult

What I'm thankful for: I'm thankful to be a dad again and to be in love. Our new baby girl is a beautiful and peaceful girl, and our son is becoming a great big brother.

What song I'm thankful for: Our three-year-old made up a song the other day that is just the words "I love you, love you, love you..." over and over again. It's my favorite new song of 2012.


Mary Bue

What I'm thankful for: My delightful and adventurous fiance (Kyle Maclean - wedding 8/13!), supportive family (Grandma Betty - rest in peace - 1922 - 2012!), health (able body and relatively sound mind) and Lake Superior. I'm thankful for local print media,  too

What songs I'm thankful for: I'm obsessed with two songs lately.  "Shadows Casting Trees" by Luna Moth, a band out of Norman, Oklahoma. Here's the last verse,  hung together by the simple finger picking of an acoustic guitar: "We are spun together by the fiber of a spider, so melodic, symbiotic, so serene and mystic."

"Safe" by Canyon Country, a band that can be found on Attacknine Records, but seems to have floated into obscurity otherwise. The song is called "Safe" and it envelopes me in this slow guitar swirl that feels like November coming on like a heavy blanket, lulling me into more internal spaces.

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