The Asteroids Galaxy Tour: I dressed up as Satan, not the devil

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At first read, the name "Asteroids Galaxy Tour" is a little misleading. This is not the name of a tour, but a band, and as the name suggests, their sound is pretty out of this world. Though the name sounds a little unfamiliar, singer Mette Lindberg's vocals are not. The Danish pop group has been featured on television commercials for big companies such as Heineken and Apple, and their second album, Out of Frequency, arrived in January.

Ahead of Saturday's Triple Rock show, Mette took some time out of her schedule to talk to Gimme Noise. She says she is in L.A. and wearing shorts and no shoes...remember that feeling?

Gimme Noise: Do you guys have a lot of crazy tour stories?

Mette Lindburg:
Yes, but I don't even remember because we travel so much. Actually, last night, we went to our first Halloween party ever. We had a day off and we all dressed up. We went to this party. Right now we are in L.A.

What did you dress up as?

ML: I was Satan. Not the devil, but Satan.
What did you listen to when you were growing up?

Both me and Lars [Iversen] are the main core of the band. Of course what you listen to when you grow up is something that sticks in your ear, and it's what you remember soundwise. I listened to a lot of the Beatles, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, a lot of rock 'n' roll. I also listened to soul music, especially the rhythmic stuff.

A lot of the lyrics on Out of Frequency remind me of a spy movie. Is that what you were going for? What was the major influence?

You tour and you meet other cultures. We definitely have a gangster theme going. We like spy movies. We like to create characters. Of course it's all about ourselves, but we also invent characters. Like "Cloak & Dagger" is about a girl who kills in disguise, and obviously I don't kill. We like to play around with the thought of being someone else and it's inspiring. We're from Denmark and so many places are different from that. We create from that. It's very curious. "Major" is about building up the world, [go through] sacrifices and choose what you want to do, but you need to watch out. Not that I'll stab your back kind of thing, but that you need to be socially close to where you live.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Major from WeFadeToGrey GmbH on Vimeo.

How does this album compare to your last one?

We needed it to be more massive. The first one was made before we had been the Asteroids. The second one is after we toured the first album, so a lot more things happen when you are in what you are. Whenever we didn't tour, we were in the studio. Lars has his own studio now, the first album was done in his bedroom. He had a one-room flat, and it was recorded there. Now we're in the studio where we hang out a lot there and write music.

Studio or live performance: which do you enjoy more?

There's nothing better than playing music, the way it makes you feel. It's like "Oh! That's amazing!" or "There's a melody I've got in my head, let's work around that." And production-wise you work with the sound and then you've got it. [And] how it feels when something makes sense. Then to have connection with people and playing with a band. We love playing live. It's a big band with a horn section.

Is there any song in particular on this album that you're really proud of? What was really challenging for you in this process?

We had a lot of songs, and we had to take some out to make the album what we thought was perfect. A lot of songs didn't make it to this album, and who knows? We might work on it for the next one. It's always exciting when everything comes together in the end, and realizing "This is how it should be." It's a magical moment and I don't think anyone will ever feel that way. You'll never feel like it's complete. There's always something to work on. Sometimes you just need to close it. That's the thing. That's the tough part. Ok. Done. Mix it and master it and stuff. That's really hard. Mainly it's saying it's done. You feel like it will never be done.

Check out The Asteroids Galaxy tour Saturday at The Triple Rock! 18+, $17, 8 PM

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