Those Darlins on their stolen gear, embracing DIY, and Minneapolis

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The name Those Darlins may conjure up visions of sweet girls strumming out their feelings on an acoustic guitar, and the Nashville band are all of these things -- just swap the acoustic for an electric -- but they are definitely punk with a snarl. The band will be returning to Minneapolis on November 3 for their last tour of the year, despite getting their gear stolen the last time they were in town.

Gimme Noise spoke with lead singer Jesse Darlin about the theft, what the band has been up to since July, and the special merch that the band will have on hand at their 7th Street Entry show.

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Gimme Noise: The last time you were in town, some bad stuff happened to the band. Did anything get resolved?

Jessi Darlin: No, we never got our stuff back. It wasn't that bad. I mean, it sucks to get anything stolen, but we were really lucky it was just two guitars, and one of them was really cheap, so we were like, (sigh) "It could have been so much worse for us."

Where did it happen?

We stayed at a Holiday Inn near where we played. We parked in a parking garage that wasn't part of the hotel. It was just a city garage. We didn't really know, cause hotels usually have security cameras, but this one didn't. It was my birthday, and Nikki and I walked out and saw the back window, and our hearts just fell to our stomachs. It looked like there was more stuff gone. They had taken everything out; everything was thrown everywhere. They even went through our bags. There was clothes and everything was all over the ground. We were like, "Oh, my gosh!" but once we figured out what was missing, we were able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Did you have to borrow guitars for the rest of the tour?

It was the last day of the tour, so we were very lucky. It was our first time getting broken into, so we've been very lucky. 

The same thing happened to a local DJ where he had his gear stolen. A lot of social networking went into helping out by others reposting. 

It was crazy how many people we reposted ours. People were so angry. It's funny when a band gets their stuff stolen, people will really support that and help in trying to get their stuff back. It's the one thing people get so mad about. They're just like, "Ack! I can't believe someone would do something like that!"

Perhaps they realize how little musicians make, so they're angry for you. That's good that you have so many people who stand behind you.

Yeah, it's awesome. It makes you feel good. It's like, "Wow."

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You just put out a single this week called "Summer's Dead"? For those that don't know the band, when they hear the band name, do they expect punk to come out of you guys? Do you get that a lot?

Yeah, especially from people who haven't heard us or don't really know. That's the whole thing with the band. Yeah, we're called Those Darlins, but we're the weird girls.

Was punk what you listened to growing up and shaped you into playing this music?

Yeah, I listened to a lot of punk my entire life. I've definitely been into '70s punk like The Ramones and The Stooges and stuff like that. Also, rock and roll has always just been there.

How does the country flavor play into that?

My whole family is from the South, and I grew up in the South. Country music has always been around and a big part of my youth -- you know the other part. My parents listened to a lot of rock and roll, but the other part was a lot of the older country and gospel, so it was always there.

Is "Summer's Dead" off of an upcoming album?

We're releasing it just for the tour. It's a 7" with Heavy Cream, they're an all girl punk band from Nashville. We are releasing our song on one side, and they have a song called "Prison Shanks" on the other side. It's going to be a tour only 7".

Who came up with that idea?

We did; we run our own record label. We wanted to do something special for this tour, cause it's our last of the year, and probably the last before the new album comes out. We've had our last record out for a while now, so we wanted to put out something special, since it's the Halloween tour, and it's fall. We just happened to have the song called "Summer's Dead." It's perfect timing. We thought it would be really cool to do something that is only available for tour. It makes it special.

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