10 country songs for the end of the world

3. "Ghost Riders in the Sky" - Johnny Cash

The Four Cowboys of the Apocalypse? Sure, why not. Notable Lyric: As the riders loped on by him he heard one call his name. "If you want to save your soul from Hell a-riding on our range, then cowboy change your ways today or with us you will ride trying to catch the Devil's herd, across these endless skies."

2. "The Dark" - Guy Clark

This song, from his 2002 album of the same name, seems the perfect song for coming to terms with the realization that there ain't nothin' left but a fire in the sky... and Fort Worth. Notable Lyric: When the earth turns its back on the sun, the stars come out and the planets start to run around. Now they call that day is done, but really it's just getting started. Some folks take comfort in that. And how dark is it? It's too dark for goblins. And how dark is it? It's so dark you can smell the moon. How dark is it? It's so dark the wind gets lost. How dark is it? It's so dark the sky's on fire. How dark is it? It's so dark you can see Fort Worth from here.

1. "Ready for Confetti" - Robert Earl Keen

At then, when the worst has come, you just give in... to the fact that Key West is the new West Texas, Nassau the new Nashville. Notable Lyric: I knew this psychic many years ago, he'd been abducted by a UFO. They took him to another galaxy, he read their fortunes and they set him free. He once was a very famous scientist, said livin' in the future is hard to resist. Get ready for confetti, hey hey hey, get ready for confetti, hey hey hey, get ready for confetti, every day. 

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Ira Brooker
Ira Brooker

Brilliant. And thanks for alerting me to the existence of a Skeeter Davis Facebook page.

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