Our 15 best live music GIFs of 2012

Yeah! It's time to run down the year in live music GIFs. This Black Sabbath fan from Lollapalooza this summer embodies how psyched we are to share these with you.

With help from photographers Erik Hess, Anna Gulbrandsen, and Stacy Schwartz, this was a year for the already excellent visual representations from live events to take on a more, ahem, active role. Here are 15 of our best GIFs of 2012.

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Minnesota Joe:

Here, Erik Hess captured the acrobatics of extraordinaire Minnesota Joe performing a move he called Cannonball as a companion to our cover story about local b-boy stars. Maybe this isn't your textbook definition of "live music," but it's far more active than most shows we attended this year.

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Rock the Garden at Walker Art Center, 6/16/12:

This was Erik Hess' first collection of GIFs for City Pages, and it immediately showed his attention to the wild ways that bodies move. At top, we see 89.3 the Current's Mark Wheat flying through the air to introduce Doomtree, and then Sims, Dessa and P.O.S. showing how to get down.

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Amon Tobin at Orpheum Theatre, 9/6/12:

Photographer Anna Gulbrandsen got in on the GIF action too with this flowing piece that shows how elaborate Amon Tobin's live visuals were during his show at the Orpheum in September.

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