Best Twin Cities albums 2012: Staff lists

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Jack Spencer

1. Metasota - Meta May
2. I Self Devine - The Sound of Low Class Amerika
3. Brother Ali - Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color
4. P.O.S. - We Don't Even Live Here
5. Greg Grease - Cornbread, Pearl and G
6. Mike Mictlan - SNAXXX
7. The Tribe and Big Cats! - Space
8. Mankwe - Science and Spirit
9. Big Cats! - For My Mother
10. Guante and Big Cats! - You Better Weaponize

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Mankwe Ndosi's Science and Spirit fuses hip-hop, soul, and activism: Juxtaposition Arts hosts release show on Saturday
The Tribe and Big Cats unveil latest album, Space: Release show Saturday at the Entry
Guante calls for activism You Better Weaponize mixes personal and political

Erik Thompson:

1. Now, Now - Threads
2. Dark Dark Dark - Who Needs Who
3. Polica - Give You the Ghost
4. P.O.S. - We Don't Even Live Here
5. Solid Gold - Eat Your Young
6. Wiping Out Thousands - This Came First
7. Bloodnstuff - Bloodnstuff
8. BNLX - LP
9. Howler - America Give Up
10. Night Moves - Colored Emotions

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BNLX commit to an album: After seven EPs, the band finally release their first full-length album

Rob Van Alstyne:

Actual Wolf - Lightning & the Wolf EP
Vicious Vicious - Vicious Vicious
Sleep Study - Nothing Can Destroy
John Mark Nelson - Waiting and Waiting
Solid Gold - Eat Your Young
Demographics - If Ever
Lucy Michelle & the Velvet Lapelles - Heat
Hello Blue - How'd It Get This Late?
Prissy Clerks - Bruise or Be Bruised
Now, Now - Threads

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John Mark Nelson channels folk-pop sophistication: Minnetonka teen charms the Current with his second album
Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles embrace maturity on Heat: Fourth album from the Twin Cities sextet

Youa Vang:

Motion City Soundtrack - Go
All Eyes - Shelf Life
Ben Rosenbush and the Brighton - A Wild Hunger
A. Wolf & Her Claws - A. Wolf & Her Claws
Weaver at the Loom - Before Now, Was Then
Polica - Give You the Ghost
Now, Now - Threads
Greycoats - Helicline
The Small Cities - With Fire

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... no larry wish, miami dolphins, tender meat, paul metzger mentions? ... man city pages is embarrassing. thank jeebus for the village voice being so connected with what truly goes on in the twin cities.         'get yr tongues out of howler you pussies'        


. @gimme_noise Why is @kristoff_krane's album so slept on by Minnesota press?


@LAWeeklyMusic @gimme_noise Not a single Husker Du or Replacements record on the list?


@TheRealSadistik there are TONS of local records that didn't make the list ... but I think @gimme_noise's list is VERY accurate.

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