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Okay, so there are a few songs out of the Twin Cities that were completely inescapable in 2012. (Nudge.) But when you're talking about a music community that's blasting in clubs, basements, garages, warehouses, automobiles, record stores, Soundclouds, public radio stations, college radio stations, and earbuds, there are a hell of a lot of songs to choose from.

Like our staff lists of the top 2012 albums, here's a free-for-all on which Twin Cities tracks got a foothold and took advantage.

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Reed Fischer:
[Note: I left out songs by artists that appear on my top 10 albums list, which you can see here.]

Hot Cheetos & Takis - YN Rich Kids
Rupert Angeleyes - Uncle Mike
Wiping Out Thousands - Closer
Nice Purse - Put it On Me
Actual Wolf - Queen of Carolina
Metasota - Senior
MasterMind - Hood Dreamin

Leisure Birds - Silver Runner
Prof - Moron
Paper Tiger - Sick Trim
Trampled by Turtles - Alone
Typsy Panthre - Lorna Clark

Sleep Study - Nothing Can Destroy
Honeydogs - Turned Around
Dimitry Killstorm and DJ Name - The Tribe x Big Cats! vs Bloodnstuff - D.M.T Flow/Fire Out at Sea
The Chalice - Push It
Lazerbeak - Lift Every Voice

Hardcore Crayons - Sarcasmic
Guante & Big Cats w/Chastity Brown - Lightning
International Karate - Nostalgia for Sale

Cyn Collins:

Grant Hart "So Far From Heaven"
Bloodnstuff "A Fire Out at Sea"
Enemy Planes "Reflector'
Eleganza cover of Replacements' "I.O.U."
P.O.S. "Fuck Your Stuff"
The Chalice "Push It"
Flavor Crystals "Mirror Chop"
Magic Castles "Ballad of the Golden Bird"
Tie: BNLX "Vibrant"/American North "Rain's Comin'
Tie: Sean Anonymous "Alright"/Dreamcrusher "Dream Crush"

Jeff Gage:

Polica - "Amongster"

Mankwe Ndosi - "Henrietta Goes Electric"
P.O.S. - "Lockpicks, Knives, Bricks, and Bats"
Zoo Animal - "The Too Men"
Now, Now - "Thread"

Dave and Laura Hoenack:

Southside Desire - "When I Was Your Queen"
Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band - "Hard Season"
Is/Is - "Lie Awake"
Night Moves - "Colored Emotions" and "Headlights"
The Evening Rig - "Unlucky Ever After"
Bloodnstuff - "It's Fun to be a Kid"
The Tribe and Big Cats - "Pills"
Pennyroyal - "Cleveland (Aeroplanes & Rockets), "NOLA (Monday/Tuesday)" and "Minot (Whynot Minot?)"

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