Doomtree Blowout VIII at First Avenue, 12/14/12

Lazerbeak's sound seems to be produced with First Avenue shows in mind as it melts out the speakers, booming around the place banging off the black walls. It's an underlooked part of the show and a main chemical in Doomtree's success over the years.

The crew left the stage for a 15-minute break while the crowd was entertaining by a word-for-word multimedia story by Ander Other, the upcoming DJ and merch table king for the clique. The power eight hit the stage with between six or seven more members on stage, which combined members from the Marijuana Deathsquads, Gayngs and also Sean McPherson and Aby Wolf. The live set was filled with two competitive drummers pounding out classics but was highlighted by "Boltcutter" and was everything seemed to go right.
Photos by Erik Hess

The night closed with full bearded men wearing lumberjack flannels dancing around like little children and spirited women dressed for the weekend doing jumping jacks when "Bangerang" and "Get Down" shut the night down. Every member left the stage exhausted, each shirt drenched in sweat, each soul filled with accomplishment with another victory. With nights like these it wouldn't be hard to imagine this team being back here eight years from now still pouring out bangers and hard work, I don't think Mayor Rybak has enough days on the calendar to donate away for that.

Critic's Notebook

The Crowd: Hipster beard count: 12. Surly Furious Can Count: 9. Girls around me gushing with Ryan Gosling references for a certain Doomtree member: endless.

Random Detail: For how musically talented the Doomtree collective are, the creative design talent must be recognized as well. The "No Kings" logo is genius, and most Doomtree graphic packaging should be taught in most art schools. The stage design over the years have been great and I don't know if that's Paper Tiger, MK Larada, Adam Garcia or Ander Other or someone else's influence? But it's been damn good. Congrats. A+.

Overheard: I used to work with (enter Doomtree member here) followed by random useless story, echoed around during the breaks at the main bar downstairs.

Personal Bias: For all the praise this collective gets from the press, they probably get equal the amount of hate from local rappers who don't have 1/4 of the following these guys have gained, earned and achieved over the years. This crew is ten years deep and still going strong and there are golden reasons for that; originality, hustle, networking and humility. Other rappers should take notes and learn.

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