Japandroids at the Triple Rock, 12/14/12

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King then did another triumphant stage dive, before returning to the stage to introduce the next song. "The next two songs are dedicated to all you people up front. This is called 'Young Hearts Spark Fire.' Let's get wild baby." The exultant song took on an added weight and significance due to the devastating news from Newtown earlier in the day, and the jubilant chorus of "I don't want to worry about dying" really had an added resonance for all of us who were just trying to forget about our cares for a brief moment.

After an enthusiastic, but respectful, response from the crowd, Prowse teased, "You guys have been so polite. I admire that honesty, it's a Midwestern trait." King brought the night to a close with one last intro, "This is our last jam of the night, so it's your last chance to dance. Please get home safe so we can see you next time." The band then put a jubilant exclamation point on the night with their set closing cover of the Gun Club's "For The Love Of Ivy," which King playfully tagged with a guitar riff from the Smashing Pumpkins' "Bullet With Butterfly Wings," causing Prowse to laugh as he tried to keep time. It was a spirited way to close an evening that provided everyone, band and fans included, with the type of cathartic release that only rock 'n' roll can bring.

Critic's Notebook:

Personal Bias: I've been a massive fan of Japandroids since I first saw them at the Pitchfork Festival in 2009. They just keep getting better each and every time that I see them.

The Crowd: Filled with plenty of fans who were drinking their cares away.

Overheard In The Crowd: The audience really did have polite things to say to the band between songs, including a teasing "Pretty good" after the truly exceptional rendition of "The Nights Of Wine And Roses."

Random Notebook Dump: After DIIV dropped out as the opening act for these shows so that they could play Letterman, a couple of talented local two-pieces stepped up to fill the bills out nicely. Birthday Suits delivered an explosive, punkish 20-minute set on Friday night, while Bloodnstuff opened on Saturday, showing everyone that Canada doesn't have the market cornered on dynamic musical duos.


Adrenaline Nightshift

Fire's Highway

Art Czars

The Boys Are Leaving Town

The Nights Of Wine And Roses

Rockers East Vancouver

Younger Us

Heart Sweats

Wet Hair

Evil's Sway

To Hell With Good Intentions (Mclusky cover)

The House That Heaven Built



Continuous Thunder

Young Hearts Spark Fire

For The Love Of Ivy (The Gun Club Cover)

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