KDWB's Jingle Ball at Xcel Energy Center, 12/4/12

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Deemed as the headliner of the night, Psy was brought on for his one song. You could not get away from his internet hit "Gangnam Style" if you wanted to. The performer humbly proclaimed that he spent his college years in Boston in 1997 and never once thought he would be back in the US performing to such a big crowd fifteen years later. Psy said to the rapt crowd, "This song only takes four minutes, but I can guarantee you I will do whatever I can for you," leading into a karaoke-like performance of his hit complete with back up dancers in white attire. Once the song came to an end, he said, "Unfortunately, I am only known for one song," so he performed it -- again.

Photos by Tony Nelson
With the constant barrage of stimulation, Jingle Ball does what it sets out to do: make everyone there feel like they were in a six-hour-long music video.

Critic's bias: Ellie Goulding and One Republic were the pleasant surprises of the evening.

The crowd: Tweens wearing Uggs and sequins and their parents.

Overheard in the crowd: "This floor is going to collapse" during Psy's performance due to everyone dancing along to the hit.

Random notebook dump: Pat Monahan of Train writes the oddest, most random lyrics. Example: The best soy latte that you ever had, and me?

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