City Pages cover appears in trailer for new Napster documentary

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The upcoming documentary Downloaded takes a look at the rise and fall of Napster and includes interviews with a Who's Who of the music industry.

And at 2:41 of the trailer, you'll see a City Pages cover.

You can watch the trailer here on Ain't It Cool News (unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be embeddable). It includes appearances by Henry Rollins, Dr. Dre, and at least one Beastie Boy.


The documentary uses our Download Martyr cover from February 2011 in a montage about the plight of Jammie Thomas-Rasset, the Brainerd woman fined $220,000 for illegally downloading 24 songs. As Nick Pinto wrote:

Ever since she was sued by the Recording Industry Association of America five years ago, Thomas-Rasset has become a central figure in the revolutions convulsing the music business. She's been featured in documentaries about remix culture and gets recognized in the supermarket from her appearances on the evening news.

Almost everyone who received a threatening letter from the RIAA in those days settled with the record labels instead of going to court. Not Thomas-Rasset--she was the first person to fight.

The result has been a seemingly endless legal battle, with three separate trials and the promise of more to come.

But as she's lost case after case, Thomas-Rasset has become something of a martyr to the digital revolution, a symbol of the lengths to which a powerful industry will go to protect an out-dated business model.

The case has continued its convoluted course in the year since Pinto's story. As recently September, an appeals court ordered Thomas-Rassett to pay the original $220,000 fine rather than the reduced rate of $54,000 that a lower court had earlier ordered.

The best part: the documentary Downloaded is directed by Alex Winter of Bill & Ted's Excellent adventure fame. Yes, this guy reads City Pages.


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