Nicholas David performs at Minnesota Vikings game

Photo via Dave Schwartz
On a day that was heavy on Adrian "Nine Yards, What?" Peterson news, there were some local music tidbits that slid into the Minnesota Vikings' 37-34 defeat of the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. Both Nicholas "The Feelin'" David Mrozinski, who recently finished third on NBC's The Voice, took part in serenading the purple and gold assembled at the Metrod... er, Mall of America Field.

As we see above, Mrozinski was part of plenty of photo-op moments with the Gjallarhorn, which he got to sound before the game.

Also in David's agenda for the day was performing "God Bless America" at halftime. Here's a shot of him rehearsing here. (Anyone get video?)
Photo via Minnesota Vikings

Fox 9 Sports reporter Dawn Mitchell also gave us another, uh, detail.

Also over the weekend, here's another local artist taking part in football festivities. A warm five-part take on "The Star-Spangled Banner" by Rocket Club at the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl at  at Sun Devil Stadium in Arizona.

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See, the Metrodome is "indoors". Rocket Club played "outdoors", as seen in the video.  This was at the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl on Friday night.  Wow City Pages, wow...

Tim Pohland
Tim Pohland

Uh, Rocket Club played at the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl on Friday, not at the dome...hence the outdoor stadium. Wow.

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