"Nickelback? That's a terrible name for a restaurant," and 25 more quotes from 2012

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Father John Misty
Sometimes an individual passage can sum up an entire interview -- or can take on a life of its own that fits absolutely nowhere. In 2012, plenty of artists took the time to speak to Gimme Noise, and one of them was notably incensed that a place serving food that a person would ideally like to keep in their stomach shares a name with Canadian rock panderers Nickelback.

Find out who uttered that line, and 25 other memorable passages from this past year in this collection of notable quotes.

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Josh Tillman of Father John Misty: "I just moved to the other side of town [L.A.]. I live next to a water tower now, so I'm at the highest point in the city. It's pretty neat."

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Kathleen Edwards: "That song ["Scared At Night"] was totally about my dad. That childhood. My dad's still living, but I can imagine if my dad were to pass away, I would probably feel like that one person in my life that would always be there to protect me is gone. That childhood feeling you have with your father being that person is probably the most important security blanket in a woman's entire life."

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Benjamin Gibbard: "The first time we were playing in Minneapolis, we played at a place called The Fox. We were just four kids from Bellingham pulling up in a van, not knowing where the stage was."

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Lissie: "I'd rather do a really, really great job and have people wait, than rush and put something out."

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Stephin Merritt of the Magnetic Fields: "It makes me want to shoot him. I violently object to the political sentiment and I also hate the piano playing. It's like being forced to read a greeting card very slowly [pause] at gunpoint [pause] in the Soviet Union in 19[pause]71... It's funny that a billionaire would say, "Imagine there's no possessions, I wonder if you can." - On John Lennon's "Imagine."

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