"Nickelback? That's a terrible name for a restaurant," and 25 more quotes from 2012

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Greg Saunier of Deerhoof: "We just arrived at lunch. We're gonna go eat at a restaurant. (pauses) Why is that restaurant called Nickelback? That's a terrible name for a restaurant."

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Andrew Bird: "We don't worry about nailing every part for a record, but usually it doesn't matter 'cause every time you play a song, it's going to be different."

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Jeremy Messersmith: "This last year, I got drunk and tweeted the Grammys. People were crazy for that stuff. I woke up the next morning, and was like, 'Ah, what did I write?'"

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Alison Scott: "Being in the music business is like spinning plates."

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Jessi Darlin of Those Darlins: "There's some sort of karma there. Even if they never get caught, you know, something..." - on getting their gear stolen

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