"Nickelback? That's a terrible name for a restaurant," and 25 more quotes from 2012

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Chris Koza Peter Pisano SXSW 2012.jpg
Photo by Youa Vang
Peter Pisano and Chris Koza

Chris Koza of Rogue Valley: "Don't worry, once the tape recorder comes out, it will be all business." - to Peter Wolf Crier's Peter Pisano during SXSW

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Chris Eldridge of The Punch Brothers
: "I still love the idea of an album -- something you can sink yourself into."

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Cory Chisel: "The last album was released about three years ago. It's covered a good bit of time. Some of the songs go back really far. I was re-inspired by a few songs that we had written. It's like collecting the pages on top of your desk from the last time you looked through them. That's how it goes together."

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David Strauchman of Every Avenue: "It's difficult for me in practice, because you can't really imitate playing live."

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Jack Barakat of All Time Low: "Damn you, Norah [Jones]!"

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