"Nickelback? That's a terrible name for a restaurant," and 25 more quotes from 2012

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The Hush Sound

Bob Morris of The Hush Sound: "I hope it's nice and cold in Minneapolis, cause I'm enjoying the cooler weather right now in Chicago. It's so boring when you don't ever get a change of weather like in California. It makes time go by so fast. It's like, 'Holy crap! A year's gone by?'"

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Ryan Mendez of Yellowcard: "Busy? Absolutely, we are."

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Ryan Traster: "It was cool to approach the song ["Cruel Love"]. Can I just make a fun pop song without it being too dumb? It's only a little dumb."

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Kevin Truckenmiller of Quietdrive: "I believe that success is 100% hard work and 0% talent."

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Rupert: "I would love to dance on Jimmy Fallon. I'd love to take on Ellen. That'd be a blast."

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