NOFX at the Cabooze, 12/5/12

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The setting at the Cabooze was surely limited by sightlines and sound barriers, but the smaller room also created a feel that can't be mimicked in a larger room such as First Avenue, the Myth, or the Metrodome parking lot -- all venues the group has hit up this millennia. Instead, the confines and limited front floor space at Cabooze were a welcome setting for the band. One just had to make his or her way up front, as the sound definitely had its limitations as distance from the stage came into play.

All in all, NOFX played for nearly an hour-and-a-half, dodged making their re-emergence to the stage feel like a campy encore, humored and perhaps offended the crowd and, at 9pm when curfew came down, they left everyone fully aware that the party was still just getting started.

Critic's Bias: This wasn't the same show it would have been with Dillinger Four also on the bill.

The Crowd: Older than expected. This isn't the mid-'90s anymore

Overheard in the crowd: Only 1 bartender?

Random notebook dump: The sound during the openers was rather lackluster.

Dinosaurs Will Die
A Perfect Government
Murder the Government
Franco Un-American
Eat the Meek
Ronnie & Mags
What Now My Love (Herb Alpert)
New Boobs
Together on the Sand
I Believe in Goddess
The Man I Killed
We Called It America
Fuck the Kids
72 Hookers
Seeing Double at the Triple Rock
Cell Out
Bottles to the Ground
The Brews

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