Paul Westerberg's "Away in a Manger" to rock the Current

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Here's the cover of Paul Westerberg's D.G.T., which features "Away in a Manger."
Topical songwriting is a great niche if you can manage it. The Current announced today they'd received a burned copy of Paul Westerberg's "Away in a Manger," and it proves to be a jagged addition to the holiday music that doesn't absolutely suck.

First of all, it sounds like it's reverberating out of the basement directly below whatever floor is under you. And, its rip-roaring guitar licks are like grimy, unpolished ornaments hanging all over the tree. No way the Little Lord Jesus is going to stay asleep in the hay through this racket!

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As we now know, this is not a brand-new gift from the Replacements frontman. It originally emerged on Westerberg's D.G.T. EP in February of 2009. The record also features a cover of the cowboy ballad "Streets of Laredo," and the title track, which appears to stand for "Damn Good Time."

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How is this news?  The Current received a CDR of a 2009 Paul Westerberg EP and they're going to play the Christmas song sometime?  I can see why The Current might be excited about it, realizing it's the holiday season, but why are you reporting this when they already told the story on their blog?  I like Westerberg and look forward to when he next releases some music, but Jesus, why not write about other Minnesotan musicians who are currently making music?  

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