Solid Gold share MN Original video ahead of record release show tonight

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Photo By Erik Madigan Heck

Not only did the guys in Solid Gold recently sit down with us for a feature piece on the band ahead of their big record release show for Eat Your Young at First Avenue tonight, but the guys also dropped by TPT Studio A in St. Paul to record a couple of performances for an upcoming MN Original episode.

I was fortunate enough to witness the sweet mini-set by the group, which was brightly lit with swinging neon lights that only accentuated the buoyant spirit of the songs themselves.

And now, the first video from that captivating performance has surfaced, a soaring live version of "Elephants," one of the clear standouts from the new record.

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Solid Gold are joined in the studio by the talented Hanson brothers, Jacob and Jeremy, who help fill-out the band's current live sound. The clip was directed by Dan Huiting, and the audio was mixed by the renowned producer/engineer BJ Burton (who also helped produce Eat Your Young).

The group also played their current single, "The Pendulum," during the recording, and both of those performances will be featured on an upcoming episode of TPT's weekly art series, MN Original, a show which is entirely supported by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Also, be on the lookout for a special airing of Trampled By Turtle's Lowertown Line performance on MN Original on New Year's Day.

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