The Best Love is Free 4 coming in February, artist submissions open now

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Astronautalis' collaboration with Tegan Quin appears on The Best Love is Free Vol. 3.

Released earlier this year, the third installment of The Best Love is Free's annual compilation CD boasted songs from Polica, Astronautalis, MaLLy, Prof, Culture Cry Wolf, and a ton of other representative voices throughout the Twin Cities.

Now, TBLIF is gearing up for Volume Four, and there's another week before submissions are officially closed on December 14. According to Adam "Botzy" Botsford from Culture Cry Wolf, there are already 250 submissions from local artists to pore through, and they're hoping for more.

Here's the 2012 compilation (via Bandcamp):

The Best Love is Free's fourth disc will be released on February 9, 2013. More information on the release show is forthcoming, but for now, get those submissions taken care of.

Contact Adam Botsford at

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