The best reissues of 2012

The Aberrant Years box set (Sub Pop)
In the 1980's, the four LP's released by Australian avant-thug rockers feedtime were something for American proto-hipsters to wag on about in the quarters of fanzine editors' dimly lit living rooms. Nowadays, things such as this box set containing their entire recorded output are just out there for any jerk to pick up and dig on. How lovely. A perfect item for either the curious youngster or the old fogey that damaged these records over many drunken nights.

F.J. McMahon
Spirit of the Golden Juice (The Circadian Press)
Many nefarious editions of this late night folk burner have ridden the waves in and out of the musical underground the past 15 years or so, but this one is one hundred percent legit and fully backed by Mr. McMahon himself. Music nerd folklore tells that when F.J. recorded these tunes back in 1969; it was after serving a hideous tour of Vietnam and one listen to the record will make you understand that legacy. You want to hear the audio equivalent of solemn desperation? Here you go. A sure fire disc to clear out your New Year's party.

Moss Icon
Complete Discography (Temporary Residence)
There's no two ways about it; Maryland's Moss Icon were a very odd duck on the late '80's U.S. Punk underground. The band took the then embryonic "emo-core" sound of the neighboring Washington D.C bands and launched it into hypnotically unhinged regions that both confused and pleased the few who heard it at the time. Having all their material in one handy dandy three LP set is ideal for your next peyote driven sob session.

The Dead C
Harsh 70's Reality (Siltbreeze)
In the parallel universe I occupied for most of the '90's, this double LP opus released in '92 by New Zealand's premier outré rock outfit was the equivalent of Dark Side of the Moon as far as rock concept records went. Mind you, my pals and I were pretty stoned most of the time. These days, I smoke more pork that pot, but I still think it holds many gallons in regards to reckless invention and brute dynamics. If you're the adventurous type, feel free to take a dip.

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