The Faint at First Avenue, 12/13/12

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They then proceeded to somehow find an extra gear in which to operate as they exploded into "The Geeks Were Right" from 2008's Fasciinatiion and rolled through a couple of others, which included "Mirror Error" among them and closed the set with a cover of Sonic Youth's "Mote" than registered more as a reimagining (and a great one, at that) and "Worked Up So Sexual," possibly the best ode to exotic dancers ever to come into existence (sorry, Mötley Crüe).


Photos by Anna Gulbrandsen

The three-song encore was quick and designed to do one thing: get everyone dancing all the way to their cars for the drive home. The new, as-yet-unreleased "Evil Voices," "I Disappear" and "Paranoiattack" got the crowd dancing hard and fast but, curiously, nobody even seemed worn out by the end of it. As the Faint walked off stage through a cloud of fog, offering the crowd polite, Midwestern "Thank you"s and waves, it was amazing to think that Danse Macabre, a pitch-black, weirdly danceable record by a band from, of all places, Omaha, Nebraska, managed not age at all, to say nothing of the fact that it survived being put out of its misery in the cut-out bin.

It meant something then and means something now. A decade on, though, it's still tough to admit the reason it still means something to so many people is because we can so easily relate to it. The darkness, the frustration, the dysfunction, its always there; always will be -- but that doesn't mean you can't dance while you figure out how to deal with it.

Critic's Bias: I got into the Faint via Wet from Birth, the album that followed Danse Macabre. While the former still remains my favorite Faint release, they made a strong case for the latter Thursday night.

The Crowd: 20s-30s and looked to be mostly women; regardless of age or gender, however, everyone came ready to dance.

Random Tidbit: One of the drunkest men I have ever seen in my life (he nearly fell over twice and I was amazed security didn't remove him) was finally semi-rescued by an almost equally drunk woman. She proceeded to stand him up and they promptly began making out and grabbing at each other. They were later seen exchanging phone numbers.

Notebook Dump:
Watching all the vocals and effects that sound like studio trickery unfold in real time is pretty stunning.

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