Twin Cities musicians on Christmas music at its best and worst

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Photo by Emily Utne
Lizzo, Sophia Eris and Claire De Lune of The Chalice
CP: So what Christmas songs are you guys particularly fond of?

Claire de Lune: I think there's kind of a surprising number of Christmas songs that are really well written pop songs when you break them down. "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" is a lovely tune. I would say "All I Want for Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey is an obvious standout. That song is pretty awesome, Mariah was definitely on her A-game in that era.

Lizzo: "Mistle Toe Jam"by Luther Vandross, because it goes HARD. Shout out to Lazerbeak! Also, "Mama Kissing Santa Claus." It's too creepy.
CP: Do you think if Salt-n-Pepa would have made a christmas song, it would have been more popular than Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas is You"?

CL:Those are fighting words! Haha, but I don't really know if any contemporary Christmas song could top that one. Though if Salt-n-Pepa had made a Christmas song it undoubtedly would've been awesome. Salt-n-Pepa, if you're reading this: It's not too late!

CP: So as hip hop artists, any guess as to why there's such an absence of hip hop musicians putting out songs like "Christmas in Hollis" these days?

SE: I feel like Hip Hop blending with Christmas Chords can come off slightly corny. The masters could pull it off, but I just don't think that vibe is in the air right now. My brain doesn't wake up thinking "I should make a Christmas song today." I appreciate it, but wouldn't be drawn to create it at this time.

CP: Christmas music can be pretty atypical in regards to instrumentation used. Have you ever heard something in a Christmas song that's inspired you creatively?

SE: Christmas songs have some of our favorite chord progressions! "Silver Bells" and "White Christmas" kill it.

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Deanna Olson
Deanna Olson

The one about the Christmas shoes should never be played again.


Worst Christmas song has got to be the nauseating "Wonderful Christmastime" by McCartney.

Andy Vogl
Andy Vogl

It's a good song and all, but we really need to give John Lennon's "Happy Christmas (War is Over)" a rest. And Paul's "Wonderful Christmas Time" should never be played anywhere, ever.

Tim Koering
Tim Koering

Where I work, we listen to KOOL 108 the entire Christmas music run. I hate it at first (starts too early, I guess) but then it grows on me.

Lloyd Olson
Lloyd Olson

It isn't Christmas without the dogs barking Jingle Bells. Runner up would be Three Stooges signing Wreck The Halls, or I want a Hippopotamus For Christmas.

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