Filmmaker Bill Morrison brings his films to the Walker tonight

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Light is Calling. Music by Michael Gordon

Have you ever done any commercial work for musicians, like a music video or some sort of long form video with someone?

I suppose, my work could've been appropriated without me knowing it. I have kind of shied away from videos. That format where the performer has to act with the music it can be somewhat forced. I prefer it to be a pure visual language. I just feel the relationship between the music and images is sacred. When you present it as a marketing device it's different.

Having been here before in 2010, what are some of your favorite spots in Minneapolis. Do you get to spend much time out and about when in town?

Last time was pretty quick. I was staying by the river and remember taking a I took a really nice run along the river. That was nice.

Do you have any musical favorites from the Twin Cities?

Always been a big fan of Low. You talk about the hypnotic types of music. In the early '90s I was really into what they were doing. We still have talked about doing a collaboration together. I have a good friend in Minneapolis, Matthew Gerick, we've inspired one another a lot with music.

I could see you and Low working well together. I've seen similar work as yours Phil Harder who is from here has done with them. What contemporary or popular music do you enjoy that wouldn't necessarily jibe with your films?

Would you be talking about anyone specific from your hometown?

Not at all. Who do you mean?

Well, I do love Prince! Was totally blown away by seeing him at Madison Square Garden. For pop music, it's kind of a problem, I have a sort of auditory recall. It's like sugar and unfortunately in my case I can hear a catchy song once or twice and remember it word for word completely. Sometimes it's really fun sometimes it's a burden. I grew up in Chicago and we listened to a lot of Blues and Jazz along with classic rock. I learned about the roots of our music at an early age.

Bill Morrison will be in person, screening four of his short films, The Film of Her, The Mesmerist, The Highwater Trilogy and Just Ancient Loops this evening at the Walker Art Center starting at 7:30pm. Tickets are Free.

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