FUN. at Roy Wilkins Auditorium, 1/23/13

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Photos by Anna Gulbrandsen
All the hits came in an understandably staggered fashion during the set's back half. A bombastic lead-in left the breakout "We Are Young" sounding bizarrely cavernous. The echoey gymnasium space of Roy Wilkins didn't favor the more barren track. "Carry On," the recession era's version of "Forever Young," was doled out in a much more uplifting fashion in spite of its drearier subject matter. And the intoxicatingly optimistic "Some Nights" launched the standard two-song encore. At this point, Ruess had begun rallying for a louder crowd-one that seemed limited by age to a gentle alto chorus. But the support still felt palpable. Based on Ruess' rarely-discussed history for capable pop constructions, he seems destined to return on a larger stage. In a year or so, the crowd will likely be louder too.

Critic's Bias: The Format definitely had a place in my high-school-sophomore heart. I think Ruess regressed in subject matter and stylistic ambition when he launched Fun., but I was nonetheless impressed with their show. 

Random Notebook Dump: "How the hell have they been here five days if they played at the Inaugural Ball on Monday?"

Overheard in the Crowd:
After a new song entitled, "What the Fuck"...
"That one won't be able to be a single."
"Cee Lo did it."
"So will it be called 'What the Forget?'"

Out on the Town
One Foot
All the Pretty Girls
Why Am I the One
At Least I'm Not as Sad (As I Used to Be)
All Alone
It Get's Better
Carry On
The Gambler
What the Fuck
We Are Young
All Alright

Some Nights

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