L.A. Nik turns self-help author with Life is Short, Then You're Dead Forever

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Since L.A. Nik doesn't have a full-time job, he has to dabble in everything. Now the "Mayor of Minneapolis After Dark" has a book with his name on the front to add to the list of sort-of professions.

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The title, Life is Short, Then You're Dead Forever: A Realistic Self-Help Book, wastes no time telling Nik's prospective readers what they're in for: a healthy dose of how Nik's experiences can help his audience "live life to the fullest," as the author says in a press release. "Realistic, straightforward advice on how to live your life without regret -- like me."

On the cover, a nun and a man in an Easter bunny-style rabbit suit sit with Nik on a bus stop bench, eying him like he's the weird one.

Nik's self-proclaimed target audience is similarly contradictory. On the one hand, the book aims at "middle-aged people that have become stuck in a rut," offering them "words of wisdom that are actually achievable points of traction." On the other, it also promises a "refreshingly simplistic" guide to "entrepreneurial-minded teenager[s]."

So really, though "there are no biblical passages" or "feathery prose" in its pages, Life is Short, Then You're Dead Forever contains All the Wisdom for Everybody.

For women, Nik has even more advice to dispense. Life is Short is just the first in a series, with a second installment due summer 2013. The title? Every Woman Should Read This Book. Nik wears his heat on his sleeve, er, dust jacket.

Nik's reveling in his new-found writer status with a release party and signing at Bank in the downtown Westin on January 10. We'll be doing our own celebrating with a full book review, plus excerpts and details (like who's selling this thing), by then too, so stay tuned.

Here's the full cover:


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I hear tell LA Nik lives with a woman named Nancy who makes a mighty paycheck and can afford to let her "Stay At Home Rockstar" of a man diddle around with his pseudo-celebrity. Sad to say he is no Kim Kardashian yet he tries to be a famous 5 foot 5" (pushing it) rockstar who has no credits to his name other than fabricated stories of the "glory days" and people he "knows" in high places. I don't know about you but just the fact he's met or knows some celebrities doesn't make him a celebrity. It makes him a little poser.

Trevor Ludwig
Trevor Ludwig

Seriously, who the F*ck is this guy, and why should I give one iota of fecal matter about him?

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