Local Frames: New videos from John Mark Nelson, Greycoats, Dessa, and more

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As the Twin Cities music scene grows, more and more artists are creating music that demands our attention. Combine the music with talented filmmakers locally and beyond, and you have a fruitful mix of distinct skills that generates more locally connected music videos than ever before.

While it's impossible to shine a spotlight on all of the great music video work going on around the area, Gimme Noise has created a regular segment, Local Frames, which will help bring some much deserved attention to a few of the standout videos of the moment from local bands or those filmed by local directors.

Here's our seventeenth installment of Local Frames, featuring ten recent video selections for your viewing pleasure.

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John Mark Nelson - "The Moon And The Stars"

After bringing his blossoming talents as well as his wonderful 9-piece backing band to the big stage at First Avenue twice in the past few weeks (for night one of the Current's birthday party and the Best New Bands showcase), John Mark Nelson gives his fans a peak into what the recording sessions have been like in the studio for his forthcoming album. This clip, shot by Chris Jopp, comes from a lush, full-band performance at the Library Recording Studio in Minneapolis, and was released as a warm thank you from Nelson to his fans for helping him get to the halfway point of his Kickstarter campaign to help fund the recording costs for his new album.

Greycoats - "No Encores"

Minneapolis quartet Greycoats have finally put the finishing touches to their long-in-the-making full-length, World Of Tomorrow, and are set for a grand release party this Saturday night at the Ritz Theater (with the aforementioned John Mark Nelson also on the bill). The innovative group also released a video for "No Encores," one of the hypnotic standouts of the new album, and the highly imaginative clip, created by the talented Nathan Schroeder, only adds to the atmospheric appeal of the song itself.

Dessa - "The Man I Knew"

Before her recent headlining tour wrapped up in Milwaukee, Dessa brought her full band into the studios of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and treated them to a performance of the brand new track, "The Man I Knew." Dessa was joined by her cracking cohorts Aby Wolf on vocals, Dustin Kiel on guitar, Joey Van Phillips on drums, and Sean McPherson on bass. According to the brief interview before the performance, Dessa says her new record should be out during the warmer months, but until then, let her heat things up around here with this riveting rendition of "The Man I Knew" while we all wait patiently for the album to drop.

Mixed Blood Majority - "Runaround (Live at Bellows Studio for the Current)"

When No Bird Sing's Joe Horton, Doomtree's Lazerbeak, and Kill The Vultures' Crescent Moon announced back in July that they were forming a band together, the local scene was abuzz with anticipation for what, on paper at least, seemed like such a natural collaboration. The group is set to celebrate the release of their self-titled debut album at the Triple Rock on Saturday night, and the record boldly delivers on the promise and expectations that have been building since the project came together. LaLiberte and Guante & Big Cats! are set to join Mixed Blood Majority for their release party, which should be a fiery night of music on the West Bank.

Villa - "Keep Off The Road (Live on Radio K)"

The indie-pop quintet Villa dropped by the Radio K studios for a sublime session, featuring this leisurely version of "Keep Off The Road," drawn from the group's debut, Plains, Fog, Cold and Snow, which they recorded at the Old Blackberry Way. The album's title perfectly describes what we've all been seeing a lot of this winter, and their subtle but stirring music suits the season as well.

Live on Radio K: Villa - "Keep Off The Road" from Radio K on Vimeo.

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