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Brother Ali - Live on KEXP

On his recent tour in support of Mourning In America, Dreaming In Color, Brother Ali dropped into the KEXP studios in Seattle for an intimate, spirited performance with his Blank Tape Beloved crew. Ali also lets it be known that he wrote one of the album's standout singles, "Only Life I Know," in the creative Capitol Hill district of Seattle. The set features strong performances of that track, as well as fiery takes on "Fajr," "Need A Knot," and "Dorian." This is a terrific, rousing in studio by Ali and his crew.

Meme - "Fallen"

Meme masterminds Lizzie Brown and Danny Burke are back with another enthralling song and video, this time for "Fallen." The clip plays out like a futuristic Rorschach test, which only serves to compliment the intoxicating song itself. The ambient track forms the centerpiece of Meme's stellar recent record, Young, an album that fans of enthralling, electronic synth-pop should dive headfirst into before checking out the band live at the Kitty Cat Klub on February 2.

Chris Koza - Anything But Words Mashup

This playful live performance by Rogue Valley's Chris Koza features the singer doing a lighthearted mashup of instantly familiar, non-verbal segments of recognizable songs. Bobby McFerrin, Outkast, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Shins, Simon and Garfunkel, and even the Leave It To Beaver theme all get tied together by the talented Koza. This memorable camera phone clip was recorded by @ashelina09, and comes from a live performance in Vienna, VA last June, when Koza was playing some shows with Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers, and Koza treated hometown fans to the same type of inventive song at the Fitzgerald Theatre recently as well.

Atmosphere - "Cut You Down (Let's Get Lyrical - Episode 1)"

Talented local director Adam J. Dunn has just created a video series called Let's Get Lyrical, where the lyrics to a hip-hop song are creatively turned into visual representations that only add to the message of the songs themselves. In the first episode of the series, Dunn tackles Atmosphere's "Cut You Down," which is a bonus track on The Family Sign. The literal visual presentation of the lyrics can certainly help fans grasp what Slug is trying to say with his rhymes, while also adding some depth to the meaning of the determined track.

The Golden Bubbles - "Above Da Rim (Live on Radio K)"

For any local music fan who was wondering if Minnesota has a slop-pop-disco scene, the Golden Bubbles are your answer. The engaging quartet dropped by the Radio K studios for a lively set, which features this sly ode to Kris Humphries, whom the band teasingly refers to as "the patron saint of getting dumped." And indeed, this buoyant, Ben Folds Five-echoing tune certainly follows along the lines of what you'd expect from the slop-pop-disco scene, and should appeal to hoops fans and music lovers alike.

Live on Radio K: The Golden Bubbles - "Above Da Rim" from Radio K on Vimeo.

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