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Fuck Knights - "13 Dead Cats"

Not surprisingly, Fuck Knights have come out with a wild, decidedly NSFW video for "13 Dead Cats." In the playful clip, the group is playing while packed in the corner of a basement which looks like it has hosted its fair share of untamed house parties. Clothes get shed, while pasties get spun, all while the band is hamming it up in front of the cameras. Fuck Knights are set to hit the road in February as part of what they are calling the "Freeze Yer FuKn Balls 'n Ovaries Off Micro-tour," which kicks-off at the 331 Club on February 15.

Fuck Knights "13 Dead Cats" music video from Fuck Knights on Vimeo.

Andy Elwell - "Your Will"

Local singer/songwriter Andy Elwell pays tribute to his fascination with wrestling during his younger years during this clip for the plaintive track "Your Will." While vintage clips of WWE wrestling hi-jinks plays out behind him, Elwell appears with facepaint reminiscent of the Ultimate Warrior, Sting, an other wrestling superstars, standing in stark contrast to the mournful acoustic sounds of the track itself. "Your Will" is taken from Elwell's diaphanous recent record, Brave Soul, and the video for the track was directed by Alex Bowes.

Gaines - "We Are (Featuring Chance The Rapper)"

Minnesota-reared MC Gaines partners with Chicago's Chance The Rapper for the assured "We Are." The track is drawn from Gaines' new mixtape, Night Crawler: Reloaded, while the video was shot/edited/directed by Kevin Ceccon. The smooth song finds the MC searching for a better way forward, while also managing a slight diss of inconsistent (and rather diminutive) Timberwolves point guard J.J. Barea.

Southside Desire - "Fast Hands"

Soulful Minneapolis sextet Southside Desire's video for "Fast Hands" finds fun-loving puppets hitting up Zipps and Palmer's Bar during their madcap adventures that come to a rough end, as late nights on the West Bank often do. The clip was directed by the group's back-up vocalist Gloria Iacono, while the puppets were skillfully handled by various members of the band as well. "Fast Hands" comes from the group's 2012 record, Songs To Love And Die To, and if you like the sound of the video, you should definitely check out the album--it's more of the same upbeat, relentlessly catchy neo-soul.

The Best Love Is Free Video Series - Episode 4 Featuring Sophia Eris and Friends

The Best Love Is Free video series rolls on in anticipation of their forthcoming show at the Fine Line on February 9 (featuring performances by Cecil Otter, Later Babes, I, Colossus, and Sophia Eris). The fourth episode of the series finds Eris joined by Regional Dialect and Sexy Delicious (as well as her cohort in the Chalice, Lizzo) for a soulful, hypnotic jam. The clip, like all videos in the series, was directed by Adam J. Dunn, who captures the crew in a relaxed, soulful vibe, while also giving a hint of what you can expect to see and hear at the Fine Line in February.

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