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How To Dress Well - "& It Was U (Live on Radio K)"

How To Dress Well's mastermind Tom Krell and company delivered one of the shows of 2012 at the Entry back in December, and while the group was in town, they took a moment to drop by the hallowed studio of Radio K for a glorious live session. "& It Was U" is one of the group's more upbeat numbers, one that Krell insists is a dance song, and this slow-burning, funky version attests to that broad declaration. Krell's pitch-perfect falsetto vocals gracefully guides the song forward as the rest of the group provides sonic layers which gives the track a fresh kick.

Live on Radio K: How To Dress Well - "& It Was U" from Radio K on Vimeo.

Common Labor - "Burn Down The Old School"

Common Labor is comprised of Analyrical and Phingaz, and the duo is set to drop their debut record, Tales Of The Troubadours, on February 4. "Burn Down The Old School" is the first single taken from the album, and the track fluidly blends the melodic strum of an acoustic guitar with a bouncy beat over which the two-piece deliver their rhymes as well as a catchy poppy chorus. Common Labor are throwing a release party for their album at Hell's Kitchen on February 9, along with Guante, Mike the Martyr, and Kuley, which will be hosted by MaLLy.

Literati - "Modern Life"

Literati are a local duo featuring MC's Mercies May and Chris Caesar, and this somewhat disturbing clip for "Modern Life" (which was directed/shot/edited by May himself) tracks the sordid adventures of a down-on-his-luck monster who makes some bad decisions as his evening goes wrong. The catchy track is taken from Literati's forthcoming record, Fait Accompli , which is coming out soon on the Fill In The Breaks label.

Elskavon - "Fine Years"

Local singer/songwriter Chris Bartels is the leader of two fine local bands, Elskavon and Bora York, in addition to fronting the hybrid record label/production house Anthem Falls. This mournful track, "Five Years," is the closing number on Elskavon's recent record, Movements In Season, and the gorgeously retro video perfectly compliments the somber, stirring nature of the track itself. There's been some great pieces written about the distant past as of late, and this grainy clip of days gone by is another glimpse of the way things used to be. Whether the olden times were better or worse than things are now is entirely up to you to decide.

Michael Dermot - "No Through Road"

This found-footage horror film parody video for Michael Dermot's "No Through Road" was shot in Eden Prairie in October, and perfectly captures the fading fall splendor of Minnesota. The song itself, taken from Dermot's forthcoming new record, Pilot, belies the playfully menacing nature of the video, with a jaunty guitar hook guiding the breezy, Weezer-esque pop number forward.

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