Prince's lawyer sends 3rd Eye Girl cease and desist letter

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This is the "face" of the mysterious 3rd Eye Girl.
Judging by the letter that 3rd Eye Girl just received from Prince's litigation counsel, yesterday's leak of four unreleased songs is not just some sort of marketing stunt happening within the organization. Yes, a cease and desist letter, dated January 7, was posted today to the 3rd Eye Girl's social media sites.

In it, Kaye Scholer LLP writes that "It has recently come to our attention that a person with the alias of 3rdEyeGirl has posted four bootleg recordings of Prince's music." And so on and so forth.

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It's unfortunate, because the most interesting part of the letter is cut off. "Moreover, many of the social media commentors, as well as mainstream publications, appear to be under the impression" -- and then? Appear to be under the impression that this is actually Prince's doing? Under the impression that the "RNR Affair" remix is better than the original? This is not where the letter should end.

So, remember when Death Grips got in trouble with their label for leaking their album? This appears to be a different sort of breach of security. APPEARS, being the operative word. Who knows what the letter says below the cut? As of now, the songs are still up, but that could change once YouTube gets their copy of the notice.


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