STNNNG's Nate Nelson revisits his basement show past

When did you decide that music was what you wanted to do with your life?

There was a place in Omaha called the Cog Factory which was an all-ages DIY non-bar/club type venue. The very first show I ever saw was Built to Spill in 1995. I had heard of Built to Spill before so I figured they must be pretty big. Kind of figured in my mind that the venue would look like Pearl Jam's "Even Flow" video. It was a little room that didn't even have much of a stage. Conor Oberst's band at the time opened and they looked like normal people, like me and my friends. BTS got on stage and looked like normal people too.

At that moment, I realized you didn't have to be a rock star to get up on stage and play music for people. I guess that was my light bulb flashing moment and I knew that if I put a band together, I could probably get up on that stage someday. So I put one together and played that stage many times. The same stage so many of my favorite bands played. There was no separation between you and these bands you loved so much. It destroyed all my preconceptions about what it was like to be in a band. You didn't have to act like or look like Guns N' Roses. I've really only played music this long because I can't stand to do anything else.

STNNNG hosts a 10-year anniversary show at Turf Club, Big V's, Midway House, and another spot TBA on Saturday, February 23. Vampire Hands will reunite for the occasion. Other bands scheduled include Signal to Trust, Tight Phantomz, Gay Witch Abortion, Buildings, Weakwick, and Animal Lover. More info here.

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