Lost Shepherds' Eben Stine was hit by a van, playing benefit to recoup dental costs

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Photo courtesy of the artist
Eben Stine and his removable tooth

In early November, the Lost Shepherds' Eben Stine was involved in a bike accident with a vehicle and lost some teeth.

"It was a van... It turned in front of me when I was biking in the bike lane," says Stine, recounting the accident. "It turned right and cut me off, and I basically hit the side of it with my teeth. Then [the van] just took off."

Why not jumpstart your 2013 by supporting a good cause? This Saturday, Republic - 7 Corners is holding a benefit for Stine, the lead singer of local folk rockers.

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The gruesome accident was strange in one respect -- Stine suffered essentially no damage other than to his pearly whites.

"I think my mouth was open... I didn't even cut my lips or anything, like I literally hit my teeth only," explains Stine. "I lost three teeth. One got knocked out completely, and the other two were broken in half, so I had to go to the dentist a bunch of times to get that fixed. It was a bunch of different procedures... So now I have a missing tooth and then a couple crowns. I have a fake tooth, and I can take it out. It's kind of crazy."

While Stine has made a full recovery, more or less, the bills for his dental surgery are totaling thousands of dollars -- and climbing, since the work thus far is only temporary. To help Stine out, his friends have arranged a benefit at Republic - 7 Corners, where Stine also works.

Taking place this Saturday, the benefit will feature a solo set from Stine, a solo set from Patrick Mazurek of Big Lake, an electronic set from Tim Krause, and sets from the Idle Hands and Widow Jones. There's a $5 cover, which goes directly to Stine; the owners of Republic have also donated a keg of PBR, and all sales from that evening will go to Stine as well.

As for Stine, he's just grateful that the only battle scar he's got is a missing tooth. (Which will probably turn out to be the coolest party trick ever, actually.)

"It could have been so much worse than it ended up being, if I would have hit it in a different angle," says Stine, breathing a sigh of relief. "Right now, I'm good, I'm pretty much recovered. I'm in good shape."

He is also looking forward to recording a new Lost Shepherds record soon.

"Michael [Gunvalson, drums] is on tour with On And On right now, so once he gets back, we're gonna start recording a new record," offers Stine. "The record is pretty much written, but we can't start recording it until he's home."

The Benefit for Eben's Broken Face is taking place at Republic - 7 Corners this Saturday evening at 7:30 p.m. $5 cover. All PBR tap purchases go directly to Eben Stine.

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