The Replacements' Songs For Slim EP gets tracklisting and cover art as auction details emerge

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As the excitement continues to build around the Replacements' new benefit EP, Songs For Slim, more information about the project continues to filter out. In addition to the full track-listing for the EP as well as the Chris Mars designed album art (featured above), details have also emerged about when the auction will begin for the precious 250 limited-edition 10" vinyl copies.

According to a Star Tribune report, Peter Jesperson, the Replacements former manager, says that the auction should start on January 15 and run for ten days. The eBay auction is to take place via the Songs For Slim website. All proceeds from the auction will go towards defraying the medical costs and rehabilitation care for former 'Mats guitarist Slim Dunlap as he continues to recover at home from a stroke he suffered in early 2012.

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The Songs For Slim EP features four tracks that Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson recorded in town at Flowers Studio, with Peter Anderson sitting in on drums and Kevin Bowe on guitar. There is an additional fifth song on the EP that Mars recorded and played by himself.

Here's a description of the how the recording process went down, according to Mars: "I did one of Slim's songs that will be on The Replacements' (benefit) release. The guys went in the studio. I couldn't make it that day. But Tommy (Stinson) was in town. He and Paul (Westerberg) did a few things themselves and then I did something myself at home. And we kind of threw it on the same thing. So there's gonna be a Replacements' thing on there. I also did a song for Slim sort of prior to that, just to try and raise a little money."

The songs on the EP are all covers, with two of the tracks being Dunlap originals --"Busted Up," recorded by Westerberg, Stinson and company, and "Radio Hook Word Hit," which Mars recorded. Paul, Tommy, Peter, and Kevin also also recorded versions of Gordon Lightfoot's "I'm Not Saying," the show tune "Everything's Coming Up Roses" (from the Broadway musical Gypsy), and Leon Payne's "Lost Highway," made famous by Hank Williams.

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For those 'Mats fans who aren't able to shell out the big money that the limited-edition records are sure to fetch, New West Records also have plans to release standard vinyl and digital editions sometime shortly after the auction is completed.

In addition to the Replacements' EP, there are plans in place to release more entries in the "Songs For Slim" benefit series, with limited-edition split-7" singles of Dunlap's songs set to be auctioned off in the months ahead by the likes of Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams, Jakob Dylan, John Doe, the Hold Steady, Deer Tick, the Jayhawks, the Young Fresh Fellows, Joe Henry, Frank Black & the Suicide Commandos and others.

Updated information about the Songs For Slim benefit project can be found via their new Facebook page, as well as the Songs For Slim website.

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For Oscar - I think the limited-pressing 250-copy auction edition is on white vinyl, and is numbered & signed by Paul & Tommy

Oscar Quella
Oscar Quella

Can someone explain what the difference would be between the auction records and the "standard vinyl" that the article mentions will be released at a later date? Thanks!

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