Watch Trampled by Turtles on MN Original's first The Lowertown Line episode [VIDEO]

MN Original's new music program The Lowertown Line debuted on December 31 featuring the pickin' talents of Duluth's Trampled by Turtles. Now you can view the footage. As you can read in our print story on the matter, the show is an expanded venture that the Twin Cities Public Television folks hopes can grow into a regular show on the channel. If you always wanted to say "taped in front of a live studio audience," here's your opportunity.

Host Dessa conducts interviews between songs -- topics include the band's 10-year anniversary party and passive-agressive bluegrass fans. Guest Alan Sparhawk shows up to join the band to sing a fuzz-fueled Low track from their 2009 album The Great Destroyer. Aside from that, the five-song set features tracks from their triumphant Stars and Satellites.

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"Walt Whitman"
Midnight on the Interstate"
"Keys to Paradise"
"When I Go Deaf" (Low)

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