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Felix - "Away From Here (Featuring Ashley Gold)"

Felix, the talented MC from St. Paul hip-hop stalwarts Heiruspecs, has broken out on his own for a new solo EP called The Slow Cold. "Away From Here" is the first single lifted from the release, and the video for the track (shot and produced by Matt Blizel) has the smooth MC confidently strolling the streets while delivering his spirited verses over a menacing, percussive beat. Vocalist Ashley Gold adds her golden pipes to the song's catchy hook and chorus, giving the emphatic song even more flavor.

Felix - Away From Here (Feat. Ashley Gold) from Titan Administration Records on Vimeo.

Caroline Smith & the Goodnight Sleeps - "Eagle's Nest"

This redolent, theatrical new video for "Eagle's Nest," was artfully crafted by Reginald P, and is released just in time to promote Caroline Smith & the Goodnight Sleeps' upcoming show at the Cedar on January 10. The clip is a gorgeous compliment to the rich, plaintive number, and features the ornate work of Queen Quills Calligraphy, for those of you who (like me) appreciate that type of artistic flourish. Smith and her band have sold-out First Ave on their own in the past, so this cozy show at the Cedar should prove to be quite an intimate way for their fans to reconnect with the group.

Tony Bones - "The Story Of Moral (Featuring Slug and A.G.)"

Veteran local MC Tony Bones landed some true hip-hop heavyweights to help him out on "The Story Of Moral," with Slug from Atmosphere and A.G. from D.I.T.C. throwing down some smooth verses on the laid-back track. The single is taken from Bones' new album, We Only Live Once, and the clip was directed by Abhinav.

Saint Anyway - "Love and the Winter"

The stark video for Saint Anyway's "Love And The Winter" will look all too familiar for anyone who has done some winter driving in Minnesota. The song is from the Cloquet trio's Americana-drenched 2012 album, Behemoth, and features one of the most mournful but gorgeous harmonica solos of recent memory. Fans of the modern folk movement that is so prevalent in the current music scene should really check Saint Anyway out--they are making some lovely music up north.

Xavier Marquis - "Show Girl"

This NSFW video for "Show Girl" from local MC Xavier Marquis captures in a graphic way how fans look to posses the musicians whose music they take to heart. It's also a commentary on fame, and how obsessed with it parts of our society have become. And while the clip, which was directed by the omnipresent Adam J. Dunn, features a prominent City Pages cameo, it's a bit distracting from the banging track itself. The video culminates with Marquis playing a live set in the Entry before things truly get gruesome, as he goes home with a groupie who has some gory things planned.

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