Big Freedia at the Turf Club, 2/2/13

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There could be an inherent flaw in bounce music's ability to sustain a traditional headlining set time. Because it's a young genre committed to somewhat stringent parameters, the music can feel like an assault of a singular rhythm. So what happens is people become less committed to devoting their attention to Freedia as a performer but more so to Freedia as a very entertaining DJ. The crowd began to thin out toward cigarette breaks after the set rounded the hour mark. As Freedia continues to tackle bigger crowds, this seems like the glaring dichotomy that will have to be synthesized. But if the biggest obstacle in a roadshow surrounds the crowds inability to shake ass past an hour, Freedia should be able to work out the kinks. Or at least twerk them out. 
Photo by Erik Hess
Critics Bias: Have been looking forward to seeing Big Freedia since bounce music began popping up on party playlists over the past year or so. I was promised "Ass Everywhere!" and "Ass Everywhere!!" I was given. 

The Crowd: Like a Greyhound bus from Williamsburg broke down outside the club on its way to Portland. Seriously though, it was a pretty sexy crowd. And many were dressed in wonderfully unemployable manner. 

Random Notebook Dump:
So the girls have purple bras too. That's the kind of calculated that sells out shows. 

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