Dan and Matt Wilson at Pantages Theatre, 2/1/13

Close to the end, "Never You Mind" was brought out. The song had Matt and Dan trading vocals, opening once again with Dan tinkling on the piano and announcing the piece with, "Let's do it now..." The fast-paced piece had Matt using his guitar pedal which he dubbed "Box of Rock" and Dan stumbling on the lyrics, playing into it and laughingly saying, "Wait, wait, let me do that again."
Photo by Stacy Schwartz
The highlight of the evening came in the form of a hybrid acoustic version of "Closing Time." "Kandy" grabbed their phones and recorded the brothers, Dan on piano and Matt on guitar, holding the audience captive with the well-known song that ebbs and flows, building up to something wonderful. Before "Toolmaster," the last song in the regular set, the brothers thanked the audience for being there, with Matt saying he didn't have to do much blathering because they [the audience] did so much of it. An audience member asked where was [John] Munson, to which Dan answered, "Where's Munson? He was on the guest list, so he's here somewhere." Matt shared that John's mustache was there, because John had turned and Matt felt it.

An interesting choice to open their encore was "Could We Start Again, Please," a song from Jesus Christ Superstar that the two listened to a lot as kids. If Matt was sheepish before about "Kiss Away the Tears," then Dan was even more sheepish about "Act Naturally," a poignantly sweet love song that Matt had to urge him to include in the set. Left to the last song, since Trip Shakespeare was such a huge part of their lives, "If You Miss Me" was the perfect choice with its lullaby-like lyrics. Not to be outdone in gratitude, Dan replied to someone's shout of "Thank you" with, "Thank you so much. It goes both ways." It sure does, Dan.

Critic's bias: I'm a big fan of both brothers and was quite impressed with the stripped-down versions of the songs. Plus, who knew they were so funny?

The crowd: An older audience demographic -- some who tapped their feet and bobbed their heads politely and some who were drunk and liked to shout out requests.

Overheard in the crowd: "Dan is so sexy."

Random notebook dump: For those that missed the show, the brothers recorded the performance and will have a download up for grabs.

Random notebook dump 2: John Munson was in the crowd. Sans mustache but with a fur coat.

Random notebook dump 3: I missed writing down the lyrics on the second set, so I wasn't not sure on some of the titles. Some of them were newer songs that weren't introduced with titles.


Everylasting Stream
Today You Move
Free Life
Secret Smile
Someone Like You


New Song
New Song
Kiss Away the Tears
New Song
Love Without Fear
New Song
Never You Mind
Closing Time

Could We Start Again, Please?
Act Naturally
If You Miss Me

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