Get Cryphy 5th Anniversary at First Avenue, 2/8/13

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Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen
Get Cryphy 5th Anniversary
With Slug, Brother Ali, MaLLy, Lizzo, Haphduzn, Sophia Eris, St. Paul Slim, Rapper Hooks, Lazerbeak, Big Dylan, Ander Other and more
First Avenue, Minneapolis
Friday, February 8, 2013

The Get Cryphy crew capped off another solid anniversary show on Friday, ringing in five years as the sweatiest, most raucous hip-hop dance party in town by expanding beyond the confines of the First Avenue Record Room into the mighty Mainroom area. Once again, the night sold out fast and the crowd riled up quickly.

As the great four-headed hydra that is Plain Ole Bill, Last Word, Jimmy Two Times, and DJ Fundo let forth huge track after huge track behind their wall of eight turntables, the crowd gradually got drunker and looser and the dancing got more manic. The early end of the night allowed Bill to spin some great fringe material; stuff like "Just Playing (Dreams)" and "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" that weren't quite height-of-the-night bangers but fit the Cryphy vibe to a T. It was definitely a well-planned set, the advantage of having four minds connect for a single ongoing playlist.
Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen
A good DJ should give everyone in the audience at least one moment of "Oh shit, this is my song" and there were plenty of tracks played that served as a knowing electric jolt through the crowd, immediately amping up energy profoundly even if only for four bars. The team knew how to move and control the crowd, spinning sing-alongs like "Still Fly," the incessant pounding bass of "Bring 'Em Out," and the smoothness of "Gin and Juice" with the knowing aplomb of what each would do to the people. A good barometer of a DJ's skill is which verse from "Monster" they decide to spin, and obviously Nicki Minaj was the right choice here. Some inspired pairings, like placing Nicki's spastic and epileptic "Stupid Hoe" immediately following Trinidad James' slow-drip crawler "All Gold Everything," shifted the whole dance floor on a dime. We were all in the hands of experienced craftsmen.
Photos by Anna Gulbrandsen
Onstage was just as live as the crowd, with a number of sexy people dancing alongside big purple Grimace with his big-ass "Get Cryphy" chain swinging with abandon. Every once in a while a rapper would grab the mic and do a quick song that attempted to fit within the Cryphy vibe. All told, hosts MaLLy and St. Paul Slim, Doomtree's Ander Other, Brother Ali, Slug, Haphduzn, Rapper Hooks, Lizzo and Sophia Eris, and Audio Perm's Big Dylan all touched the stage to do one-song mini-sets that served to break the routine and show off our local talent. It was somewhat of a moment of worlds colliding, having indie rap poster boys like Slug and Brother Ali grace the stage in between 2 Chainz songs, and the style-mesh managed to mostly work.

Photos by Anna Gulbrandsen
Brother Ali performed his flip of street hustle raps "Need A Knot" and it worked alongside the crunk and the hyphy thanks to the Bun B sample and Ali's fluid energy, but his verse over Future's "Same Damn Time" really just made me want to hear the original. Slug fit surprisingly well, especially with Haphduzn by his side trading some good old 'fuck you" bars behind Dimitry Kilstorm's heavy horn sound. Rapper Hooks powered through some on point verses like it was nothing. Lizzo brought her recent beat collaborator Lazerbeak onstage to hit some MPC skins as she blasted through "Batches," and damned if she isn't the hardest rapper in the Cities right now. Breaking up the DJ set with rap performances livened up the show but allowed it to remain party-focused , where you could still just zone out to everything.

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