Get Cryphy 5th Anniversary at First Avenue, 2/8/13

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There seemed to be a few random fights that broke out during the night. One happened on the main floor and was broken up quickly. The other I caught seemed to mostly stand-off shows of aggression, which could have escalated had Spyder Baybie not stepped in between. Say what you want about sex-focused rappers, they put their energies in the right place. Primarily it was a night for twerking, mouthing lyrics you half-know, and general drunken abandon. The end of the night began big with the new standard "All I Do Is Win," which found it's way into DJs regular rotations thanks to the great tension-building pause preceding the chorus.

Photos by Anna Gulbrandsen
The Cryphy team decided to prolong everybody's hands going up as much as possible as they proceeded to dump balloons, confetti, and bottles of water onto the audience. Everything was chaos from then on. The final spins were suites of Waka Flocka and Rick Ross tracks, some quick succession of the hits highlighting some of the major figures defining the Cryphy sound. The closing songs were Kendrick Lamar's "Backseat Freestyle" and "Money Trees," both played nearly in entirety, and the latter was an excellent come-down that split the difference between the booming club sounds of the night and the lyrical focus that is usually lacking therein. The whole night was huge, and it ended on a perfect, triumphant note. Congratulations go out to the crew that consistently brings the party.

Critic's Notebook:

Overheard in the Crowd: "Old-ass rappers..."

Personal Bias: I feel like my tastes align eerily square with the Cryphy crew.

Random Notebook Dump: The presence of tiny women twerk-assaulting large, uninterested men. 

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