Wilco's Glenn Kotche on his live percussion installation and Martin Dosh

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That's encouraging. I think our culture is so based on synthetic rhythms so to encompass so many different styles and uses of different percussion, you just don't really see that very much.

I think people are used to melody. If they aren't going to get lyrics, they at least want melody. They want some drama. They are used to listening Mozart, Bach and Beethoven and more than that, Copeland, Bernstein, whoever. They are used to listening to traditional music with a clear beginning, development and a clear ending. This is not. That isn't the type of composer John is. He's breaking new ground. And what seems foreign to us now will probably be normal to us in the future.

And I think we always kind of associate rhythm with dance music where this is kind of more telling story with percussion involving melody in a way people aren't used to. So tell me more about what your plan is with Martin Dosh for the show. I actually ran into him at the grocery store the other day and asked him what you guys have in store and he was sort of like "Oh man, I don't know. Thanks for reminding me, we got to figure that out!"

Haha! Well, we have been friends for a long time. I love his drumming. I played on an Andrew Bird record that was a companion to one he played on. I love the Dosh family records. It was a match-up that we thought would be great. We were going back and forth about who should start with some solo stuff, then the other would do some solo stuff, then we'll jam together, we didn't really know. But in the last week Martin has come up with a really great map, a structure of a piece that we are both going to just play on. It will just be one big piece that will be very melodic. Martin really kind of knocked it out of the park bringing this amazing thing to the table. I am going to arrange it a little bit. Play drums on it. Use some other things and incorporate my sensibility to it. I am really excited to play with him.

Sweet. We're really excited to witness that. So I have to ask more about Wilco because I am such a huge fan. What's the band have planned for the rest of the year or are you all doing your own things for a while?

No, we never take too much time off. We had a show in mid-December and we are back in the studio at the end of this month recording. In mid-March we are off to Australia, New Zealand and Japan, touring for a month. Then we are recording a bunch in May. We have our festival, Solid Sound, the third installment of that in June in North Adams, Massachusetts. So we have a tour around that and a bunch through the Summer. And also recording through the Summer.

So maybe a record at the end of the year?

At least one this year, probably in the Fall. I will also be having at least one new record coming out this year. It's a record of compositions that I been doing the last couple years. It's got Kronos Quartet on it, it's got Gamelon from MIT and some other stuff of mine. That'll be a full record coming out later this year.

Wow, amazing. Do you have a title for that one?

Yeah, it's tentatively titled Adventureland.

Oh cool. That was a really good movie. Did you see that one?

Haha! I did. I rented it after I had named the record and found out about it. And you know it wasn't that bad, thank god.

Glenn Kotche performs Ilimaq and a collaboration with Martin Dosh Saturday, February 16 at the Walker Art Center. 8pm $20 Tickets Available Here.

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