Minnesota does the Harlem Shake: The ten best local Harlem Shake videos on YouTube

Here's how you do the Harlem Shake with no clothes on in the snow.
Now that the fad of Psy's "Gangnam Style" appears to be waning in its cultural relevance, we have the "Harlem Shake" phenomenon upon us. With just a 30-second clip from the song by Mad Decent-signed dance outfit Baauer, the country has lost its damn mind, and any semblance of rigidity in its spinal column.

Basically, each "Harlem Shake" clip features one person -- often masked or wearing a helmet -- flopping around uncontrollably for the first half, and then once the key beat drops midway through, a sea of revelers appear. It's something that anyone with iMovie and about five minutes to spare can execute, and since the clips are so short, they risk less of an annoyance factor and a sap on productivity. Except there are like thousands of these things floating around.

Interestingly enough, Baauer is actually in Minneapolis this weekend at the Skyway Theatre with Just Blaze. So sweet instant gratification can be yours if you wish to live out the Harlem Shake in person. Here are ten of the best of our local takes on the Harlem Shake phenomenon.

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First, here's the song in full:
And now, our top ten Harlem Shakes filmed here in Minnesota.
Some guys in their dorm room somewhere in Minneapolis:

At Macalester College:

At the University of Minnesota:
Another at U of M:
At University of Minnesota-Duluth:

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