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Off With Their Heads - "Seek Advice Elsewhere"

The Minneapolis punk-pop band Off With Their Heads are back with a new video for "Seek Advice Elsewhere," the first clip from their forthcoming album, Home, out March 12th on Epitaph Records. The humorous video was directed by Andrew Seward of Against Me!, and finds security guards caught in a twisted winter wonderland park late one night. Of course, hilarity ensues, as well as an obviously messed up snowman who meets a sad end.

Tom Hazelmyer on MN Original

The founder of Amphetamine Reptile Records and Grumpy's, Tom Hazelmyer (or HAZE XXL as he is better known in local music cirles), receives a distinctive and well-deserved profile on a recent episode of MN Original. The feature focuses on the early days of AmRep, as well as Hazelmyer's continued involvement with everything the label produces. It shines a fitting spotlight on Tom's artistic side as well, showing how he creates his vivid album covers from original artwork and hand carved linocuts, something that Hazelmyer continues to do to this day (for bands like the Melvins and others). Hazelmyer's unending passion for music and art is on full display throughout this clip, and should rightfully be celebrated by everyone in the artistic community.

Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lappelles - "Catacombs"

From that same episode of MN Original comes this lovely performance of "Catacombs," from the Minneapolis baroque-pop act, Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lappelles. The group transforms tpt's Studio A into an intimate French cafe with this buoyant performance. The track is taken from the band's stirring 2012 album, Heat, which has only served to expand the group's profile in the Twin Cities and beyond. The band is set to take part in tonight's 'All-Time Greatest Valentine's Day Mix' performance at the Cedar, which also will feature a set by Big Trouble, as well as many other love-themed musical surprises.

Mayda Monday Episode #2 - Happy Valentine's Day!

The innovative, engaging Minneapolis musician Mayda has recently taken to creating weekly YouTube video segments, which she calls 'Mayda Monday's,' in order to further connect with her fans as well as keep them up to date about what her current plans and performances are. This clip features Mayda getting her hair done at Evolution Hair Studio, as well as an exclusive audio clip of her new song, "Moments," produced by Big Jess, which you can also get for a free download here. The clip is also quite fitting for today, since Mayda takes a moment to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day, telling us, "I got love for all of you." Right back 'atcha, Mayda!

Whit - "Mind Thing"

Minneapolis MC Whit has just released his new album, Survival Techniques, and the first video taken from that record is "Mind Thing." It finds the rapper and his crew braving the cold Minneapolis winter to dance around a bit to the track's hypnotic beats as well as Justin's fresh flow. The album features production work from Colorado's AG Flux and Switzerland's Grand Papa Tra, but it's the socially-aware and enlightened rhymes of Whit himself which gives the album a distinct spirit.

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