Lucinda Williams at the Dakota Jazz Club, 2/4/13

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Photos by Steve Cohen

Her encore closer, "Get Right With God," was a modern rock gospel the way only Lucinda Williams could manage it. "Now we're gonna take you to the Hallelujah-Get-Right-With-God Church," rasped Williams.

Williams has the kind of voice that sounds like something you'd uncover at the bottom of a tumbler--rough and unapologetic, hardened with truth. There couldn't have been a more fitting song for her to end the night with -- Williams' songs might be enough absolution themselves.

Critic's bias:
I had rather high expectations, Lucinda Williams being who she is and all, and thankfully, she didn't disappoint.

The crowd:
Not really very young, but sold-out and everyone very much a fan of Williams'.

Overheard in the crowd:
"She's funny!" remarked someone after one of Williams' early quips.

Random notebook dump:
Williams had two openers: a simple set from local favorite Ben Kyle, and a nice performance from the Kenneth Brian Band, an Alabama-based duo that fared well with acoustic country -- though they might have been better suited to the Turf Club rather than the Dakota.


Passionate Kisses
Happy Woman Blues
Carwheels on a Gravel Road
Something About What Happens When We Talk
Wake Up Call
Well Well Well
Bitter Memory
Drunken Angel
Those Three Days
Come To Me Baby (Howlin' Wolf)
Change The Locks
Goodbye Joe (Hank Williams)
Get Right With God

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