Princetagram iPhone app unveiled by Jimmy Fallon

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Who needs sepia when there's a purple filter?
Some of the greatest innovations and stupidest pet tricks come out of late-night television, so it's no surprise that Late Night With Jimmy Fallon introduced Princetagram to the masses this week.

With Prince fan ?uestlove -- who will perform at the Bobby Z's second Benefit 2 Celebrate Life on March 9 -- leading the Roots, Fallon's house band, perhaps this bit of technical wizardry got to jump through the usual copyright hoops a bit faster than you'd expect for the Purple One.

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"It's just like Instagram, except it changes your photo to look like a Prince album cover," Fallon explains amidst a segment introducing several iPhone apps. He demonstrates, and the resulting photo puts him on the cover of 1981's Controversy.

As for Fallon's announcer, Steve Higgins, things took a much more revealing turn for this obviously not-fake app.

[HT: Dr. Funkenberry]

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Corey Topel
Corey Topel

Have to go with the classic Purple Rain album.

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