Slim Dunlap Day is February 14, says Mayor Rybak

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Photo by Meredith Westin
Well, the Replacements guitarist Slim Dunlap just got a nice early Valentine's Day gift from Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak. In a proclamation circulating today, Thursday, February 14 has been declared Bob "Slim" Dunlap Day.

According to Andy Holmaas in the mayor's office, the proclamation was a response to an online petition circulating in recent days. "It was a simple decision as the mayor (and I) are both huge 'mats fans," he says. "We want to see the best for Slim. He has been such a huge part of Minneapolis music that a proclamation was a great way to say thanks and wish him well as he recovers." It was a year ago this month that Dunlap suffered a debilitating stroke. Since then, there have been many benefit efforts, including the Songs for Slim EP featuring the Replacements, which raised more than $100,000 so far. Read the proclamation below.

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