Solid Gold, Haley Bonar, Greg Grease among Minnesota musicians featured on free Record Store Day LP


After Noiseland Industries' American Buffalo LP's became instant collectors' items following Record Store Day 2012, the Minneapolis boutique vinyl and CD manufacturer is once again set to deliver yet another reason to head out to your local record store on April 20. Noiseland will be distributing vinyl copies of American Buffalo, Volume 2, free of charge to those customers making qualifying purchases during Record Store Day 2013 at all three Electric Fetus locations, Hymies, Roadrunner, Eclipse, and Treehouse Records, as well as other participating independent record shops.

American Buffalo, Volume 2 is a limited-edition LP featuring a stellar assembly of Minnesota-based artists who are clients of Noiseland, with a few of the songs on the record -- from Mixed Blood Majority and the Murder of Crows -- being made available on vinyl for the very first time.

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In addition to Mixed Blood Majority and the Murder of Crows, the rest of the lineup for American Buffalo, Volume 2 is a diverse cross-section of the talented musicians and bands that Minnesota has to offer. Big Cats, Gay Witch Abortion, BNLX, Haley Bonar, Greg Grease, Dan Israel, Fathom Lane, Bloodnstuff, A. Wolf & Her Claws, Solid Gold, the Pines, and Gospel Gossip all have songs featured on the album.

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It's a stellar collection that truly represents all facets of the current local music scene, and the limited-edition LP is bound to be another highly sought-after release at this year's Record Store Day on April 20.

In addition to American Buffalo, Volume 2 and plenty of other exclusive releases, the sixth annual Record Store Day also features an Official Ambassador, Mr. Jack White, who has this to say about RSD and vinyl in general:

"The size, shape, smell, texture and sound of a vinyl record; how do you explain to that teenager who doesn't know that it's a more beautiful musical experience than a mouse click? You get up off your ass, you grab them by the arm and you take them there. You put the record in their hands. You make them drop the needle on the platter. Then they'll know.

Let's wake each other up.

As Record Store Day Ambassador of 2013 I'm proud to help in any way I can to invigorate whoever will listen with the idea that there is beauty and romance in the act of visiting a record shop and getting turned on to something new that could change the way they look at the world, other people, art, and ultimately, themselves."

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