Soundgarden at the Orpheum Theatre, 2/2/13

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Photos By Steve Cohen

But that edge was lost a bit during tepid takes on the new songs, "Non-State Actor" and "Eyelid's Mouth," and the set was in serious need of a spark at this point. And "Drawing Flies" provided just the combustible flash that the show demanded, with Cornell singing the second half of the rowdy number from his knees, lost in the churning desperation of the track. They followed that up with a punk-fueled take on "Ty Cobb," with the crowd singing the chorus of "Hard headed, fuck you all" in full voice, causing Chris to exclaim afterward, "Well done! Minne and St. Paul have some angst."

"This song is for you people only," Cornell continued, as the band brought a lively version of "Fresh Tendrils" while bathed in a blood-red light. "I hope and I pray that it won't take us as long as last time to come back here," Chris said appreciatively as the main set drew to a close. "You guys have been fucking amazing. Thank you very much." A captivating run through of "Superunknown" saw the band off to a justified ovation, with the crowd not wanting the band to leave or the music to stop, even for just a brief moment.

Photo By Steve Cohen

As the band all returned to the stage, smiling broadly for the encore, Cornell took out his phone to capture some video of the roaring, appreciative crowd, encouraging us, "Better make some noise for the folks back home." A vigorous version of "Spoonman" kicked things off, pleasing the legion of fans who had been requesting it all night. But it was a blinding rendition of "Rusty Cage" which really jump started the encore, with the band pouring everything they had into the revved up take before they headed back to the West Coast for the remainder of their U.S. tour.

But they had one last musical surprise left in them, closing the night out with a thunderous, feedback-laden, 13-minute version of "Slaves and Bulldozers" which was augmented by epic scenes of destruction and decay on the screens behind the band -- striking images of civilization laid to waste while Soundgarden did the same to our eardrums. Cameron left the stage first, as the three remaining members all crafted a deafening squall of feedback and fury.

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