The 4onthefloor drop single from new album Spirit of Minneapolis

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Photo by Tony Nelson
Swampy blues stompers the 4onthefloor have just released details for their second full-length studio album, Spirit of Minneapolis, due out in April. The title takes upon a special meaning for those who remember the band's bit of "mock duck" (aka not beef) with Howler regarding the local scene almost exactly a year ago. Or, you could legitimately say that the bass drum-toting crew's music legitimately is a spirit that turns its local fan base into carousing batch of partiers. Either way, Gabriel Douglas and his merry men are storming back.

Also out today is the new single "King of the Jungle," belly-bursting howl about King Kong. It is available for streaming and free download below.

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Judging by the artwork depicted here, there's a serious fascination with giant, mythical beasts within the band's ranks at the moment. And perhaps we tap into yet another meaning for the title. The old-school planes pictured conjure up Charles Lindburgh, who famously flew a plane called Spirit of St. Louis.

Anyhow, check out the song below. Spirit of Minneapolis, recorded at Sacred Heart in Duluth, Creation Audio in Minneapolis, and April Base in Eau Claire, is out April 9.

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I hope people outside of Minneapolis don't hear this and think it represents our fair city.


i hope people outside of minneapolis hear this and think it does represent our city

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